Please find below the Price list and an attachment if you are unable to view.

TABLES1Tables- Standard rectangular-seats 8 (Heavy Duty)R 40,00
2Tables- Conference (1,8m x 0,38m)-seats 4 R 40,00
3Tables- Round (1.8m diameter)-seats 10R 60,00
4Tables- Round (1.5m diameter)-seats 8R 50,00
5Tables- Round (1.2m diameter)-seats 6R 50,00
6Tables- Round (0.9m diameter)-seats 4R 50,00
7Tables- Cocktail (Steel)R 50,00
8Tables- Cocktail (Wooden)R 40,00
9Tables- Cake (Wooden)R 30,00
10Tables- Cake (Steel)R 40,00
11Tables- Half Moon (Semi)R 70,00
12Tables - Glass (Bridal- Steel legs)R 200,00
13Tables - Glass (Bridal- White legs)R 200,00
14Tables - Glass (seats 6- 0,8m x 1,6m)R 200,00
15Tables - Glass (seats 10- 1,2m x 1,8m)R 450,00
16Tables - White (seats 6- 0,7m x 1,2m)R 200,00
17Tables - White (seats 8- 0,9m x 1,8m)R 250,00
18Tables - White (seats 10- 1,1m x 2,2m)R 350,00
19Tables - White Wash Natural Wood (seats 10- 1,1m x 2,4m)R 200,00
CHAIRS20Adult Chairs Stackable - White R 7,00
21Adult Chairs Stackable - BlackR 7,00
22Adult Chairs- white or black stackableR 7,00
23Crossback Chairs- WhiteR 35,00
24Crossback Chairs- WhiteR 35,00
25Tiffany Chairs- Gold (Matte)R 25,00
26Tiffany Chairs- Gold (Shiny)R 28,00
27Tiffany Chairs- WhiteR 25,00
28Tiffany Chairs- White (Plastic)R 25,00
29Tiffany Chairs- SilverR 25,00
30Tiffany Chairs- ClearR 25,00
31Tiffany Chairs- BlackR 25,00
32Tiffany Chairs- Various ColoursR 25,00
33Wimbeldon Chairs- WhiteR 22,00
34Ghost Chairs- ClearR 50,00
35Phoenix Chairs- WhiteR 25,00
36Phoenix Chairs- ClearR 25,00
37Conference Chairs- Dark GreenR 10,00
TENTS/ MARQUEES38Cabana -3m x 6m -White (seats 20-25)R 1 500,00
39Tent/ Marquee -3m x 6m -White (seats 20-25)R 850,00
40Tent/ Marquee -3m x 9m -White (seats 30-35)R 1 050,00
41Tent/ Marquee -4.5m x 6m -White (seats 30-35)R 850,00
42Tent/ Marquee -4.5m x 9m - White (seats 40-50)R 1 050,00
43Tent/ Marquee -4.5m x 12m - White (seats 60-70)R 1 450,00
44Tent/ Marquee -6m x 6m - White (seats 35-45)R 1 450,00
45Tent/ Marquee -6m x 9m - White (seats 60-70)R 2 100,00
46Tent/ Marquee -6m x 12m - White (seats 80-90)R 2 500,00
47Tent/ Marquee -6m x 15m - White (seats 100-110)R 3 000,00
48Tent/ Marquee -6m x 18m - White (seats 120-140)R 3 800,00
49Tent/ Marquee -6m x 21m - White (seats 130-150)R 5 000,00
50Tent/ Marquee -9m x 12m - White (seats 120-140)R 4 400,00
51Tent/ Marquee -9,5m x 12m - White (seats 125-145)R 4 600,00
52Tent/ Marquee -9,5m x 15m - White (seats 150-170)R 5 600,00
53Tent/ Marquee -9,5m x 18m - White (seats 190-215)R 7 000,00
54Tent/ Marquee -9,5m x 21m - White (seats 215-235)R 7 800,00
55Tent/ Marquee -9,5m x 24m - White (seats 250-285)R 9 000,00
56Tent/ Marquee -12m x 12m - White (seats 160-180)R 7 500,00
57Tent/ Marquee -12m x 18m - White (seats 260-280)R 9 000,00
COCKTAIL FURNITURE58Cocktail Furniture- Stretch Panels- 5m x 10m [Waterproof] (White)R 1 800,00
59Cocktail Furniture- Stretch Panels- 5m x 10m [Semi-Waterproof] (White)R 1 200,00
60Cocktail Furniture- Stretch Panels- 9m x 12m [Semi-Waterproof] (White)R 2 500,00
61Cocktail Furniture- Stretch Panels- 9m x 12m [Non-Waterproof] (White)R 1 500,00
62Cocktail Furniture- Stretch Panels -5m x 10m [Non-Waterproof]R 800,00
63Cocktail Furniture- Stretch Panels -5m x 6m [Non-Waterproof]R 600,00
64Cocktail Furniture- Cocktail Chairs (Black padded leather)R 40,00
65Cocktail Furniture- Garden Umbrellas with base (cream)R 200,00
66Cocktail Furniture- Garden Umbrellas with base (white)R 200,00
67Cocktail Furniture- Couch (white 5 seater)R 400,00
68Cocktail Furniture- Triple Couch (White)R 300,00
69Cocktail Furniture- Triple Couch (Dark Green)R 350,00
70Cocktail Furniture- Double Couch (White)R 250,00
71Cocktail Furniture- Double Couch (Grey)R 300,00
72Cocktail Furniture- Double Couch (Navy)R 300,00
73Cocktail Furniture- Double Couch (Turquoise)R 300,00
74Cocktail Furniture- Bridal CouchR 500,00
75Cocktail Furniture- Ottomans  (single)R 75,00
76Cocktail Furniture- Ottomans  (double)R 100,00
77Cocktail Furniture- Ottomans (Round)R 100,00
78Cocktail Furniture- Coffee Table (Rectangular)R 120,00
79Cocktail Furniture- Coffee Table (Exclusive- Small)R 120,00
80Cocktail Furniture- Coffee Table (Exclusive- Large)R 180,00
81Cocktail Furniture- Bar Counter (White Leather)R 200,00
82Cocktail Furniture- Bridal Chairs (His & Hers- White- Lowback-Exclusive)R 500,00
83Cocktail Furniture- Bridal Chair (White- Lowback-Exclusive)R 300,00
84Cocktail Furniture- Bridal Chairs (His & Hers- White- Highback-Exclusive)R 500,00
85Cocktail Furniture- Bridal Chair (White- Highback-Exclusive)R 250,00
CUTLERY86Cutlery- KnivesR 1,50
87Cutlery- Knives (Exclusive)R 3,00
88Cutlery- Knives (Gold)R 3,00
89Cutlery- Knives (Rose Gold)R 3,00
90Cutlery- Steak Knives R 3,00
91Cutlery- ForksR 1,50
92Cutlery- Forks (Exclusive)R 3,00
93Cutlery- Forks (Gold)R 3,00
94Cutlery- Forks (Rose Gold)R 3,00
95Cutlery- TeaspoonsR 1,50
96Cutlery- Teaspoons (Gold)R 3,00
97Cutlery- Teaspoons (Rose Gold)R 3,00
98Cutlery- TablespoonsR 1,50
99Cutlery- Tablespoons (Exclusive)R 3,00
100Cutlery- Tablespoons (Gold)R 3,00
101Cutlery- Tablespoons (Rose Gold)R 3,00
102Cutlery- Dessert SpoonR 1,50
103Cutlery- Dessert Spoon (Exclusive)R 3,00
104Cutlery- Dessert Spoon (Gold)R 3,00
105Cutlery- Dessert Spoon (Rose Gold)R 3,00
106Cutlery- Soup spoonsR 1,50
107Cutlery- Cake ForksR 1,50
108Cutlery- Cake Forks (Gold)R 3,00
109Cutlery- Cake Forks (Rose Gold)R 3,00
110Cutlery- Serving spoonsR 5,00
111Cutlery- Serving spoons (Dhall Leydel)R 5,00
112Cutlery- Salad TongsR 5,00
113Cutlery- Ice tongsR 3,00
114Cutlery- Braai tongsR 5,00
115Cutlery- Wine OpenerR 5,00
116Cutlery- Cake KnifeR 15,00
117Cutlery- Cake Lifter KnifeR 10,00
CROCKERY118Crockery- Plates (Round)R 2,00
119Crockery- Plates (Square)R 3,00
120Crockery- Plates (Rounded Square)R 3,00
121Crockery- Plates (Round-Gold Rim)R 5,00
122Crockery- Plates (Round-Black)R 5,00
123Crockery- Plates (Octavia)R 2,00
124Crockery- Plates (Round Black)R 4,00
125Crockery- Fish Plates (Round)R 1,50
126Crockery- Side plates (Round)R 1,50
127Crockery- Side plates (Square)R 2,00
128Crockery- Side plates (Rounded Square)R 2,50
129Crockery- Side plates (Round- Gold Rim)R 5,00
130Crockery- Side plates (Round- Black)R 5,00
131Crockery- Side plates (Octavia)R 1,50
132Crockery- Side plates (Round Black)R 4,00
133Crockery- Tea cups & saucers (round)R 3,00
134Crockery- Tea cups & saucers (square)R 3,00
135Crockery- Tea cups & saucers (octavia)R 3,00
136Crockery- Tea cupsR 1,50
137Crockery- SaucersR 1,50
138Crockery- MugsR 3,00
139Crockery- Serving bowls (Clear)R 7,00
140Crockery- Serving bowls (White-Medium)R 10,00
141Crockery- Serving bowls (White-Large)R 15,00
142Crockery- Serving bowls (Shallow)R 8,00
143Crockery- Dessert bowls (Shallow)R 1,50
144Crockery- Dessert bowls (Flare)R 1,50
145Crockery- Dessert bowls (Square)R 1,50
146Crockery- Dessert bowls (Gold Rim)R 5,00
147Crockery- Dessert bowls (Octavia)R 1,50
148Crockery Set- (Plate, Side Plate + Dessert Bowl- Round Gold Rim)R 15,00
149Crockery- Pasta bowlsR 2,00
150Crockery- Soup bowlsR 1,50
151Crockery- Platters (Rectangular)R 8,00
152Crockery- Platters (Oval)R 10,00
153Crockery- Cake stand (single layer-White)R 20,00
154Crockery- Cake stand (single layer-Silver)R 30,00
155Crockery- Milk JugsR 6,50
156Crockery- Water Jugs (Ceramic)R 12,50
157Crockery- Teapots (white ceramic)R 12,50
158Crockery- SugarbowlsR 3,00
159Crockery- Sauce/ Chutney bowlsR 2,00
GLASSWARE160Crockery- Salt & Pepper shakersR 6,50
161Glassware- Hi ball glassesR 1,80
162Glassware- Hi ball glasses (Crystal)R 2,50
163Glassware- Breakfast glassesR 1,20
164Glassware- Wine glassesR 3,00
165Glassware- Wine glasses (Crystal)R 3,50
166Glassware- Wine glasses (Gold Crystal)R 6,00
167Glassware- Wine glasses (Blue Crystal)R 6,00
168Glassware- Wine glasses (Olive Crystal)R 6,00
169Glassware- Wine glasses (Pink Crystal)R 6,00
170Glassware- Wine glasses (Black)R 6,00
171Glassware- Champaigne glassesR 2,50
172Glassware- Champaigne glasses (Crystal)R 3,50
173Glassware- Champaigne glasses (Gold Crystal)R 6,00
174Glassware- Champaigne glasses (Blue Crystal)R 6,00
175Glassware- Champaigne glasses (Olive Crystal)R 6,00
176Glassware- Champaigne glasses (Pink Crystal)R 6,00
177Glassware- Champaigne glasses (Black)R 6,00
178Glassware- Whisky glassesR 2,50
179Glassware- Sherry glassesR 2,50
180Glassware- Beer glassesR 2,50
181Glassware- Tot/ Shooter glassesR 2,00
182Glassware- Martini glassesR 4,50
183Glassware- Zombie glassesR 2,50
184Glassware- Water Jugs (Clear)R 7,50
185Glassware- Salt & Pepper shakersR 6,00
186Glassware- Sweet Jar R 10,00
S/STEEL185Stainless Steel- Teapots- 3 LR 30,00
186Stainless Steel- Soup Terrine (3.0 L)R 45,00
UNDERPLATES187Underplates/ Charger plates (Plastic- gold)R 5,00
188Underplates/ Charger plates (Plastic- gold with dots)R 5,00
189Underplates/ Charger plates (Plastic- gold flower pattern)R 7,00
190Underplates/ Charger plates (Plastic- silver flower pattern)R 7,00
191Underplates/ Charger plates (Plastic- Rose gold leaf pattern)R 7,00
192Underplates/ Charger plates (Plastic- Gold leaf pattern)R 7,00
193Underplates/ Charger plates (Plastic- Rose gold antique)R 7,00
194Underplates/ Charger plates (Plastic- Gold antique)R 7,00
195Underplates/ Charger plates (Plastic- White with gold rim- antique)R 7,00
196Underplates/ Charger plates (Plastic- silver)R 5,00
197Underplates/ Charger plates (Plastic- red)R 5,00
198Underplates/ Charger plates (Plastic- black)R 5,00
199Underplates/ Charger plates (Mirror -Square Glitter)R 15,00
200Underplates/ Charger plates (Mirror -Square-33cm)R 10,00
201Underplates/ Charger plates (Mirror -Square-25cm)R 8,00
202Underplates/ Charger plates (Clear Glass -Square 33cm)R 10,00
203Underplates/ Charger plates (Clear Glass - Round Beaded)R 20,00
204Underplates/ Charger plates (Clear Plastic - Round Beaded)R 8,00
205Underplates/ Charger plates (Clear Plastic - Rose Gold Round Beaded)R 8,00
206Underplates/ Charger plates (Clear Plastic - Gold Round Beaded)R 8,00
207Underplates/ Charger plates (Clear Plastic - Silver Round Beaded)R 8,00
208Underplates/ Charger plates (Metal- Silver)R 6,00
209Underplates/ Charger plates (Metal- Gold)R 6,00
210Underplates/ Charger plates (Wooden- Brown- Square)R 6,00
211Underplates/ Charger plates (Wooden- Brown- Round)R 6,00
212Underplates/ Charger plates (Wooden Slices)R 10,00
213Underplates/ Charger plates (Grass Placemat)R 12,00
214Underplates/ Charger plates (Grass with white fluffy frill)R 20,00
COOLERS/ WARMERS/ ACCESSORIES216Accessories- Arch (White)R 200,00
217Accessories- Arch (Gold)R 200,00
218Accessories- Arch (Grey)R 200,00
219Accessories- AshtraysR 3,00
220Accessories- Bread Baskets (Wooden)R 8,00
221Accessories- Bread Baskets (Plastic)R 5,00
222Accessories- Gas cylinder 9kgR 350,00
223Accessories- Waitering trays (nonslip black)R 15,00
224Accessories- Napkin Rings (Silver)R 3,00
225Accessories- Napkin Rings (Gold)R 3,00
226Accessories- Napkin Rings (Rose Gold)R 3,00
227Accessories- Napkin Rings (Pearl with silver)R 4,00
228Accessories- Napkin Rings (Pearl with gold)R 4,00
229Accessories- Napkin Rings (Pearl with rose gold)R 4,00
230Accessories- Napkin Rings (Crystal in Gold)R 4,00
231Accessories- Napkin Rings (Crystal in Rose Gold)R 4,00
232Accessories- Juice DispenserR 70,00
233Accessories-  Easel (White)R 170,00
234Accessories-  Easel (Gold)R 170,00
235Accessories-  Easel (Grey)R 170,00
236Accessories- 5 Tier Mirror Cake StandR 150,00
237Accessories- 5 Tier Perspex Cake StandR 120,00
238Accessories- 3 piece Gold Cake StandR 150,00
239Accessories- 3 piece Silver Cake StandR 150,00
240Accessories- Gold Cake Stand (Large)R 70,00
241Accessories- Gold Cake Stand (Medium)R 70,00
242Accessories- Gold Cake Stand (Small)R 70,00
243Accessories- Silver Cake Stand (Large)R 70,00
244Accessories- Silver Cake Stand (Medium)R 70,00
245Accessories- Silver Cake Stand (Small)R 70,00
246Accessories- Podium (Dark Wood)R 150,00
247Accessories- Podium (White Wood)R 120,00
248Coolers- Drinks BathsR 45,00
249Coolers- Ice BucketsR 15,00
250Coolers- Ice Buckets (Vintage)R 22,00
251Heaters- Patio Heaters (excl LPG)R 280,00
252Heaters- Patio Heaters (incl LPG)R 600,00
253Lighting- Fairy Lights (White)R 100,00
254Lighting- Fairy Lights (Gold)R 100,00
255Lighting- Fairy Lights (Colour)R 100,00
256Lighting- Florescent x 3 R 120,00
257Warmers- Bain Marie- 5 DivisionR 250,00
258Warmers- Boulah- FireR 150,00
259Warmers- Braai Stand (Drum)R 120,00
260Warmers- Chafing Dish (Rectangular) including gelR 85,00
261Warmers- Chafing Dish (Round) including gelR 65,00
262Warmers- Chafing Dish (Round Roll Top) including gelR 180,00
263Warmers- Cooking Pots- LargeR 90,00
264Warmers- Cooking Pots- MediumR 80,00
265Warmers- Gas Cookers- 3 burner (excl. gas)R 200,00
266Warmers- Hot TrayR 150,00
267Warmers- Urn (20l)R 90,00
268Warmers- Urn (8l)R 80,00
LINEN270Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (white)-1/2 lengthR 30,00
271Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (black)-1/2 lengthR 30,00
272Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (navy)-1/2 lengthR 30,00
273Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (cream)-1/2 lengthR 30,00
274Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (pink)-1/2 lengthR 30,00
275Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (purple)-1/2 lengthR 30,00
276Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (red)-1/2 lengthR 30,00
277Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (yellow)-1/2 lengthR 30,00
278Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (baby blue)-1/2 lengthR 30,00
279Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (orange)-1/2 lengthR 30,00
280Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (Various colours)-1/2 lengthR 30,00
281Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (White)-Full lengthR 50,00
282Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (Black)-Full lengthR 50,00
283Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (Cream)-Full lengthR 50,00
284Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (Black & White Stripes)-Full lengthR 70,00
285Linen- Rectangular Tablecloths (Various colours)-Full lengthR 50,00
286Linen- Stretch Rectangular Tablecloths (White)R 70,00
287Linen- Stretch Rectangular Tablecloths (Black)R 70,00
288Linen- Stretch Rectangular Tablecloths (Various colours)R 70,00
289Linen- Round Tablecloths (white)-3/4 lengthR 50,00
290Linen- Round Tablecloths (black)-3/4 lengthR 50,00
291Linen- Round Tablecloths (cream)-3/4 lengthR 50,00
292Linen- Round Tablecloths (Various colours)-3/4 lengthR 50,00
293Linen- Round Tablecloths (white)-Full lengthR 55,00
294Linen- Round Tablecloths (black)-Full lengthR 55,00
295Linen- Round Tablecloths (cream)-Full lengthR 55,00
296Linen- Round Tablecloths (white & black pattern)-3/4 lengthR 60,00
297Linen- Round Tablecloths (Black & White Stripes)-Full lengthR 70,00
298Linen- Round Tablecloths (Various colours)- Full lengthR 55,00
299Linen- Rectangular Table Skirts (White)R 60,00
300Linen- Rectangular Table Skirts (Black)R 60,00
301Linen- Rectangular Table Skirts (Cream)R 60,00
302Linen- Cocktail Tablecloths (White)R 40,00
303Linen- Cocktail Tablecloths (Black)R 40,00
304Linen- Cocktail Tablecloths (Various Colours)R 40,00
305Linen- Adult Chair covers (white)R 7,00
306Linen- Adult Chair covers (black)R 7,00
307Linen- Adult Chair covers (cream)R 7,00
308Linen- Adult Chair covers (cerise pink)R 8,00
309Linen- Adult Chair covers (yellow)R 8,00
310Linen- Adult Chair covers (lime green)R 8,00
311Linen- Adult Chair covers (orange)R 8,00
312Linen- Adult Chair covers (Various Colours)R 8,00
313Linen- Overlays (organza/ tafetta/ satin- various colours)R 12,00
314Linen- Runners (organza/ tafetta/ satin - various colours)R 15,00
315Linen- Runners (Black & White Stripes)R 20,00
316Linen- Runners (Sequence- various colours)R 20,00
317Linen- Runners (Rose Gold -sequence)R 20,00
318Linen- Runners (Gold -sequence)R 20,00
319Linen- Runners (Silver -sequence)R 20,00
320Linen- Runners (Green -sequence)R 20,00
321Linen- Runners (Red -sequence)R 20,00
322Linen- Runners (Purple -sequence)R 20,00
323Linen- Runners (White with gold sequence)R 20,00
324Linen- Runners (Hessian)R 25,00
325Linen- Tiebacks (organza- various colours)R 5,00
326Linen- Tiebacks (buckle- various colours)R 5,00
327Linen- Napkins (black)R 3,00
328Linen- Napkins (white)R 3,00
329Linen- Napkins (cream)R 3,00
330Linen- Napkins (yellow)R 3,00
331Linen- Napkins (Chocolate Brown)R 3,00
332Linen- Napkins (pink)R 3,00
333Linen- Napkins (peach)R 3,00
334Linen- Napkins (purple)R 3,00
335Linen- Napkins (Dusty Pink)R 3,00
336Linen- Napkins (Various Colours)R 3,00
MACHINES 337Machines- Bubble MachineR 450,00
338Machines- Popcorn MachineR 400,00
339Machines- Candyfloss MachineR 450,00
340Machines- Slushy Machine + 2 flavours R 1 250,00
341Slushy FlavourR 200,00
342Slushy cupsR 2,00
343StrawsR 0,25
344Machines- Spit Braai Machine (incl gas)R 900,00
345Machines- Spit Braai Machine (excl gas)R 650,00
FLOORING346Flooring- Red Carpet (2m lengths)R 70,00
347Flooring- Red Carpet (5m length)R 150,00
348Flooring- Red Carpet (10m length)R 250,00
349Flooring- White Carpet (5m length)R 250,00
350Flooring- White Carpet (10m length)R 400,00
351Flooring- Fluffy White Carpet (1m x 1m)R 100,00
352Flooring- Astro Turf (2m width x 10m length)R 300,00
353Flooring- Black Carpet (10m length x approx. 2m width)R 300,00
354Flooring- Dance Floor (Black -1,2m x 2,4m)R 250,00
355Flooring- Stage Floor (Black -1,2m x 2,4m)R 250,00
356Stanchion Set (2 Gold Pillars + 1 Red Rope)R 85,00
357Stanchion Set (2 Gold Pillars + 1 Black Rope)R 90,00
358Stanchion Gold PillarR 35,00
359Stanchion Red RopeR 35,00
360Stanchion Black RopeR 40,00
TOILET361Toilet & wash basin Trailer - Executive (His & Hers/ Double)R 1 500,00
362GeneratorR 500,00
CENTRE PIECES363Centre pieces- Glass vase (wide neck)R 30,00
364Centre pieces- Glass vase (Martini Vase)R 100,00
365Centre pieces- Glass vase (Whisky Vase)R 100,00
366Centre pieces- Glass candle holder (medium)R 25,00
367Centre pieces- Glass candle holder (large)R 30,00
368Centre piece- Glass candle holder (triple stack)R 40,00
369Centre piece- Glass cylinder vase (20cm)R 25,00
370Centre piece- Glass cylinder vase (30cm)R 30,00
371Centre piece- Glass cylinder vase (40cm)R 45,00
372Centre piece- Glass cylinder vase (50cm)R 60,00
373Centre piece- Glass Rectangular Vase (20cm)R 25,00
374Centre piece- Glass Gold Vase (40cm)R 150,00
375Centre piece- Candy/ Cutout Vase R 75,00
376Centre piece- Heavy Duty vase (12cm)R 20,00
377Centre piece- Fish Bowl (clear)R 25,00
378Centre piece- Fish Bowl (Black)R 50,00
379Centre piece- Trumpet VaseR 100,00
380Centre piece- Gold Trumpet VaseR 100,00
381Centre piece- Gold Stand (Large)- 46cmR 75,00
382Centre piece- Gold Stand (Medium)- 35cmR 55,00
383Centre piece- Gold Stand (Small)- 29cmR 35,00
384Centre piece- Black Stand (Large)- 46cmR 105,00
385Centre piece- Black Stand (Medium)- 35cmR 75,00
386Centre piece- Black Stand (Small)- 29cmR 65,00
387Centre piece- Gold Flower Stand (Small)- 48cmR 60,00
388Centre piece- Funnel VaseR 55,00
389Centre piece- Feather VaseR 35,00
390Centre piece- Lantern Gold Large (45cm)R 90,00
391Centre piece- Lantern Gold Medium (34cm)R 70,00
392Centre piece- Lantern Gold Small (21cm)R 50,00
393Centre piece- Lantern Rose Gold Large (45cm)R 90,00
394Centre piece- Lantern Rose Gold Medium (34cm)R 70,00
395Centre piece- Lantern Rose Gold Small (21cm)R 50,00
396Centre piece- Lantern Gold (Set of 3-S,M & L)R 150,00
397Centre piece- Lantern Rose Gold (Set of 3-S,M & L)R 150,00
398Centre piece- Long Square Vase (50cm)R 75,00
399Centre piece- Long Square Vase (60cm)R 90,00
400Centre piece- Crystal ChandelierR 60,00
401Centre piece- Trees (White)R 40,00
402Centre piece- Trees (Gold)R 50,00
403Centre piece- Trees (Silver)R 50,00
404Centre piece- Potjie potR 25,00
405Centre piece- Crystal CandelabraR 350,00
406Centre piece- Bird Cage (White)R 50,00
407Centre piece- Bird Cage (White- Antique)R 60,00
408Centre piece- Eiffel Tower Large (Bronze steel-49cm)R 100,00
409Centre piece- Eiffel Tower Medium (Bronze steel-39cm)R 80,00
410Centre piece- Vintage Candle Holder (26cm)R 30,00
411Mirror Base- Square (30cm)R 20,00
412Mirror Base- Round (30cm)R 30,00
413Mirror Base- Round (40cm)R 40,00
414Mirror Box Cube (8cm)R 10,00
415Mirror Box Cube (10cm)R 12,00
416Mirror Box Cube (12cm)R 18,00
417Mirror Box Cube (15cm)R 25,00
418Mirror Box TowerR 50,00
419Mirror Box (25cm x 8cm)R 40,00
420Mirror Box (33cm x 8cm)R 50,00
421Candlelabra's (five)-silver brass- 20cmR 50,00
422Candlelabra's (five)-gold brass- 20cmR 50,00
423Candlelabra's (five)-silver brass- 50cmR 70,00
424Candlelabra's (five)-bronze brassR 50,00
425Candlelabra's (five)-Gold Plain- 50/60cmR 100,00
426Candlelabra's (five)-Gold Crystal- 40/45cmR 120,00
427Candlelabra's (five)-Gold Crystal- 50/60cmR 125,00
428Candlelabra's (five)-Black- 50/60cmR 100,00
429Table NumbersR 15,00
430Mini Light up Numbers/ Alphabets (excludes batteries)R 20,00
BACKGROUND/ DROP/ STAGE PROPS431Stage Prop- Stage Pillars/ Columns- 2mR 200,00
432Stage Prop- Aisle Pillars/ Columns- 1mR 150,00
433Marquee Numbers/ Giant Numbers or AlphabetsR 250,00
434Marquee Numbers/ Giant Numbers or Alphabets (Set of 2)R 400,00
435Neon Decorative Light (Happy Birthday, Mr&Mrs, etc)R 300,00
436Background- White round (1,8m)R 250,00
437Background- Astro round (1,8m)R 300,00
438Background- Shimmer WallR 1 000,00
439Background- Flower WallR 1 250,00
440Background- Gold Rectangular Frame (2m x 1,6m)R 400,00
441Background/ Altar- Natural Wood Rectangular Frame (2m x 1,6m)R 500,00
442Background- Gold RingR 250,00
443Plinths- set of 3 (S, M & L)R 250,00
444Plinth - singleR 100,00
445Plinth CoversR 50,00
446Background- White round (1,8m) + set of 3 PlinthsR 450,00
447Background- Astro Turf round (1,8m) + set of 3 PlinthsR 550,00
448Jumping castles- standard 4 x 4R 400,00
449Jumping castles- standard 4 x 4-Feature SpidermanR 500,00
450Jumping castles- 3 x 3R 400,00
451Jumping castles- Slip 'n slide (2m x 10m)R 450,00
452Jumping castles- Double Slip 'n slide (4m x 10m)R 550,00
453Jumping castles- 2-in-1 (4m x 7m)R 470,00
454Jumping castles- 3-in-1 (4m x 7m)R 500,00
455Jumping castles- 3-in-1 (4m x 7m)-Feature Mickey MouseR 600,00
456Jumping castles- Gladiator Slide (3m x 10m x 3m)- (h x l x w)R 600,00
457Jumping castles- Wave Gladiator Slide (3m x 10m x 3m)- (h x l x w)R 650,00
458Jumping castles- Boxing ring (5m x 5m) including 1 pair glovesR 500,00
459Jumping castles- Playstation II (3.75m x 8m)R 700,00
460Jumping castles- Adventure Island I (7m x 7m)R 650,00
461Jumping castles- Adventure Island II (3m x 7m)R 600,00
462Jumping castles- Super Slide (4m x 10m x 3m)- (h x l x w)R 750,00
463Jumping castles- standard 4 x 4 (Weekend Rate)R 600,00
464Jumping castles- standard 4 x 4-Feature Spiderman (Weekend Rate)R 750,00
465Jumping castles- 3 x 3 (Weekend Rate)R 600,00
466Jumping castles- Slip 'n slide (2m x 10m) {Weekend Rate}R 650,00
467Jumping castles- Double Slip 'n slide (4m x 10m) {Weekend Rate}R 800,00
468Jumping castles- 2-in-1 (4m x 7m) {Weekend Rate}R 720,00
469Jumping castles- 3-in-1 (4m x 7m) {Weekend Rate}R 820,00
470Jumping castles- 3-in-1 (4m x 7m)- Mickey Mouse {Weekend Rate}R 900,00
471Jumping castles- Gladiator Slide (3m x 10m x 3m)- (h x l x w) {Weekend Rate}R 850,00
472Jumping castles- Wave Gladiator Slide (3m x 10m x 3m)- (h x l x w) {Weekend Rate}R 900,00
473Jumping castles- Boxing ring (5m x 5m) including 1 pair gloves {Weekend Rate} R 700,00
474Jumping castles- Playstation II (3.75m x 8m) {Weekend Rate}R 980,00
475Jumping castles- Adventure Island I (7m x 7m) {Weekend Rate}R 900,00
476Jumping castles- Adventure Island II (3m x 7m) {Weekend Rate}R 850,00
477Jumping castles- Super Slide (4m x 10m x 3m)- (h x l x w) {Weekend Rate}R 1 050,00
478Jumping castles- Giant Big Blue Slide (8m x 11m x 5,5m)- (h x l x w) {Weekend Rate}R 2 800,00
479Kiddies Tables (small-75cm x 75cm)- Jolly kidsR 20,00
480Kiddies White Tables (1,6m x 0,6m)R 200,00
481Kiddies Chairs (armless)-Jolly kidsR 7,00
482Kiddies Tiffany Chairs (White)R 25,00
483Kiddies Tiffany Chairs (Clear)R 25,00
484Kiddies Wimbeldon Chairs (White)R 25,00
485Kiddies Ghost Chairs (White)R 25,00
486Kiddies Chair covers (various colours)R 6,00
487Pallet Tables with legs (white)R 75,00
488Pallet Tables (double stack raw wood)R 75,00
489Picnic/ Scatter CushionsR 25,00
490Floor CoveringR 50,00
491Picnic blanketsR 20,00
492Balloon Garland- Standard 1,5m (2 colours)R 1 250,00
493Kiddies Couch (Silver Trim)R 250,00
494Kiddies Couch (Plain)R 250,00
495Happy Birthday Banners- various themes (1m x 2m)R 100,00
496Happy Birthday Banners- Personalised (1m x 2m)R 800,00
497Photoboards (various themes)R 100,00
498Giant Snakes and LaddersR 170,00
499SOFT PLAY (Medium Set)R 550,00
500SOFT PLAY (Large Set)R 900,00
501Ball PondR 350,00
502Picket Fence (2m length)R 85,00
503Candy CartR 450,00
505PACKAGE COMBO 2R 1 800,00
506PACKAGE COMBO 3R 2 700,00
507PACKAGE COMBO 4R 2 600,00
508PACKAGE COMBO 5R 850,00
509PACKAGE COMBO 6R 1 000,00
510PACKAGE COMBO 7R 1 350,00